The heart of the club is its legendary Restaurant Samudera. If walls could speak, this would be the place to sit very still and listen, preferably at the favorite tables of the local ministers, foreign leaders, captains of industry, celebrities and dignitaries of every order. Serving the best of the east and western cuisines, the flavor of the dish must be true to its word. Dishes prepared here are true to the way food is prepared in every way. If the dish is a known classic or traditional dish, it will be the very best example of its kind.

    Baked cheese-topping fish, lamb or chicken steaks for meat lovers, Chinese, Malay and Indian savouring dishes, the Samudera is well known for its spoilt choices of quality taste meals.

    Reflecting the spirited history of the administrative city, the Samudera is one of Putrajaya’s greatest treasures and a “must come & eat” for any first-time visitor to the city.


    Jalalludin Hassan made Putrajaya Klasik Cafe famous in a scene from the most celebrated drama ‘Idaman’. The perfect anytime meeting-spot offering an impressive menu of lattes, smoothies, luscious italian beverages, and local delights.

    Ideal for people watching and rubbing elbows with some of Putrajaya’s most famous faces, the Putra Klasik Cafe features cooling beverages, spacious concept, comfortable cafe chairs, plush couches and banquettes.

    The Cafe can cater large receptions in combination with the entire Samuderas eatery facilities that can accommodate up to 60 guests.


    Elegant and intimate will be the right terms to describe the Bayu. With a span of 15,000 square feet of space at the first floor of the club, high-end corporate meetings and functions mostly are being held at our cosy Bayu Restaurant. Paneled with hard wood floors and intricate maritime club design which overlooks the lake, your guests or partners will be admiring the function atmosphere, and charm settings. Bayu have seen thousands of corporate nights, birthdays, reunions, and numerous VVIP functions that leave lasting memories to its guests infinitely.

    Detailed, attentive service paired with creative dishes and outstanding beverages create an enchanting and memorable evening to be savored in memories for years to come.


    Bring your laptops, interactive pods and electronic organizers and the club will get you connected to the web in no time. Check your emails and messages, downloads and run electronic business transactions while sipping our Cafe’s excellent ice cold latte or Ipoh Coffee.

    This club is where the casual business meetings, appointments and study groups are being held in the city. The meeting place which is surrounded by impressive structures and relaxing ambience with online connectivity at your fingertips.


    Working out at the gym can improve your fitness level, develop muscle tone and help you lose weight if follow a plan. If you go to the gym without a concise strategy, however, you might be wasting your time. Outline your course of action to include the five components of a balanced fitness routine and your time will be well spent.

    The Five Components
    According to MayoClinic.com, the five components to a balanced routine include cardiovascular endurance, strength training, flexibility, core-strengthening and balance. You do not need to incorporate all five elements into your training every time you workout, but you will want to make sure they have been included during the course of several days. Since the American College of Sports Medicine has set guidelines for physical activities to include cardiovascular workouts three to five times per week and strength training twice a week, that is a good schedule to start with.

    These are list of equipment available at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya Gymnasium:

    • 2 unit “Commercial Treadmill”
    • 1 unit “Commercial Elleptical”
    • 1 unit “Recumbent Bike”
    • 1 unit “Upright Bike”
    • 1 unit “Multistation”
    • 1 set “Dumbell Set (10 Pairs) + Rack”
    • 1 unit “Multi Purpose Bench”
    • 1 unit “Flat Bench”
    • 1 unit “Adjusttable Sit-up Bench”



    Our gorgeous pool is located at the east wing of the club and offers splendid swimming area for regular morning swim or family dip treats. Complete with small shallow pool for kids, full time lifeguard and towels facilities. The pool is opened as early as 9:00am until 9:00pm everyday.



    Seats approximately 16 at a circle conference table. Your Meeting are closed and will be private when using our air conditioned meeting room.



    Enjoy a large open area from the club towards the lake. Ideal for any kind of, event or celebration, including corporate get-togethers, family day, reunions, or weddings. Our team will take care of the details leading up to your occasion to ensure everything runs smoothly, arranging everything from catering to event setup.



    Rent a bicycle when you were here. KTP’s amazing lake view trail is fun to explore! With over 16 km of car-free bike paths, it is easy and safe. Enjoy spectacular views through the lake including Prime Minister Office, Putrajaya Mosque and Royal Selangor Castle. You’ll enjoy every minute.Mountain Bike. RM10.00 per hour.


    Support amenities for Club users:

    • changing room
    • Lockers
    • Surau
    • Free parking
    • Toilet for OKU